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Mortgage Recovery and Property Negotiation

Mortgage Recovery

We provide a service to mortgagees who find themselves in the position of having to deal with a mortgagor in default. We will take care of all aspects of the recovery of your mortgage. We will organise everything from the issue of a demand notice to, if required, the sale of the property by way of a mortgagee sale. Our aim is to provide a service that gives you the best possible outcome.

Property Negotiation

We offer a service to both landlords and tenants re the negotiation of commercial leases.  

All too often both landlords and tenants sign a deed of lease and then seek advice. There are a number of pitfalls and you have to remember there is more to negotiating a lease other than the term and initial rental. Commonly leases are documented via the standard ADLS lease, there are a number of clauses that you should look to have altered depending on whether your are the landlord or tenant. Some matters to consider are:

  • Who owns the fit out.
  • Who pays for the fit-out.
  • Are building consents required, if so how do you sort out any New Building Standards that may be imposed.
  • The importance of ascertaining if there is a mortgage registered over the property.
  • What happens at the end of the lease regarding make good obligations.
  • Can the insurance requirement be met.

We will work in tandem with your solicitor to assist in getting the best lease agreement negotiated for you.

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